Nelson Illescas

Lawyer, Institute for International Agricultural Negotiations, (Fundación INAI).

Nelson illescas is an Argentinian lawyer and consultant in the field of international law and agricultural negotiations. He works in the Institute for International Agricultural Negotiations, (Fundación INAI), Argentina.

Mr. Illescas has written articles and papers related to agricultural issues, negotiations, trade dispute, among others. He has worked as a consultant for international institutions, such as the International Development Bank, and national programs, like PROSAP. He has been invited to lecture in different seminars (ACSoja, MAIZAR) and universities (UBA, UNLP, UCA, UNTREF, UNLPam). He teaches in the Austral University and the Belgrano University.

He holds a law degree (FCJyS, UNLP, Argentina), and a Master’s degree on international relations (thesis pending) from the International Relations Institute (IRI, UNLP, Argentina).


Bridges news

19 Outubro 2015
Este artigo analisa os principais impactos que os acordos megarregionais, quando concluídos, podem ter sobre os países do Mercosul. Diante desse cenário, o autor discute quatro opções de políticas para os membros do bloco sul-americano.